stof tot stof, stof tot nadenke
Die middernagtelike gerammel van 'n rustelose koppie. Twee breinselle bots en woordkluise breek oop.
Soli Deo Gloria!

Met dank aan God drie-enig vir al die seŽninge wat Hy so mildelik en onverdiend op ons uitstort!

Meet Donny Peace
Obedient missionary with a great calling
Meet Donny Ministry update:
March 2020

My name is Donny Bruce Peace. I have been by the Grace of God a missionary to South Africa. I graduated from Iris Harvest School in Mozambique under Heidi Baker and was given the privilege of being led by the Holy Spirit to your beautiful and wonderful country of South Africa. My friend Stof who is a man of God and faithful servant of our Father asked me to write something about my missionary adventures while in South Africa. I could tell you about the numbers of individuals who came to salvation, were healed, and their lives transformed through obedience to the Holy Spirit and true indeed this would be a wonderful account of His faithfulness, awesomeness and the truly blessedness of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

However what I really would like to write about and what is on my heart is the importance of obedience and life sacrificing love for our Lord and Saviour that led to these miracles in the first place. Not that I have any confidence in my flesh or my own ability to obey or even to love sacrificially. I believe and have come to learn simply surrendering my inability enables Him to enable me into action. Yes there was suffering, yes there were times of hardship and difficulty. At times the Spiritual Warfare seemed so intense there were times in order to keep myself emotionally sane I would go on long walks with the Lord and speak to Him directly about what was going on inside. Whatever cost to ourselves experiencing His love and being able to introduce others to that great love makes whatever suffering necessary well worth the cost.

There were times of great joy also, such as in Marabastad a very poor and spiritually dark district of Pretoria when over 40 individuals had given themselves over to Christ at one time. Iím not typically a preacher a lot of my ministering is one on one with individuals but that evening the Lord had me preach and we were able to reap a wonderful harvest of souls. There was also a night in which after speaking to a young man drug addicted and stuck like glue on a shoe in the dark underbelly of demonic torture God set him completely free of His drug addiction through prayer and a loving hug. It was a miraculous intervention by the Holy Spirit. I never did see him again and after telling him he was free and to leave Marabastad and go home I believe he was led to go home to his mother.

These were moments when spending time on my knees and seeking His presence, His love, dying to myself daily and denying the desires of my flesh that made life, just that, Life! Zoe! The Abundant Life for that is why He has risen for each and every one of us! That we would also experience that same abundant life which He gives to all who would ask, seek, and knock freely! I would really love to be able to encourage each and every single person able to read this to spend time in His presence! Make time in your daily routine to fall in Love with Christ the Saviour! Make it your life goal to love him! Not to perform, not to act, not to do anything apart from obedience to our Father in Heaven with each and every act of your life. Jesus said if you love me you will obey my commandments. It is your design and make up that Jesus has commandments designed and destined for each one of you. Specifically tailored commands that in obedience you will learn to walk in the abundant life of our Life giving Saviour. If you want to learn how to obey and see the miracles of God spend time with Him, learn how to hear, then obey. Deny your flesh take up His cross daily and obey, Him. The flesh, the cares of this world and all that is in it these truly are a great distraction and the obedience of them only leads to death. Love God with all your heart mind and soul, and with all your strength! For He loves each and every one of you! You are loved and if you find yourself unable or seemingly unable to love back give Him that also. Let him know right where you stand and give him your inability. He only gives good gifts to His sons. For what son if he asks of His father a fish would give him a stone? He is the giver and the gift!

He sees you right where each and every one of us is at and He loves us anyway! Jesus is amazing!

Glory be unto our magnificent creator our God in Heaven and blessed by the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! And thank you for the opportunity to write of His name!

Feel free to make contact with Donny, using the following detail:
Tel: 0780385736

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Ministry update as on 2020/03/12

God is Very, Very, Good! That's a good way to begin this newest news letter of 2020. He is merciful, gracious, abundantly in Love with all of His people no matter how many times we mess up, no matter how many times we fall and scrape our knees, no matter how many times...

It isnít difficult to think of how many times I might have felt like I failed Him in the past year 2019. Glad that year is over it seemed like it was a rough one! Hallelujah Jesus but I am Loved! And by the way So Are You! Immensely, overwhelmingly, overpoweringly, God Spirit filled Loved! Man are you Loved and guess what? So am IÖÖÖÖÖÖ This is Good! Hallelujah to our God and may His name Yahweh always be praised! Jesus!!!!! Jesus!!!! Jesus!!!! Jesus!!!

Well I guess you can tell how Iím feeling right now. I just love Him! All the way from South Africa to Oregon and Washington and back again to Grants Pass where I am now. And soon I am praying and hoping off again to the far fields of the Earth wherever the Harvest is ripe.

Somewhere in here Iím supposed to tell you whatís been happening, well not much during 2019 just lots of struggles, ups and downs, around the merry go round and up and down on the roller coaster it seemed the year went. Glad to be in 2020! Hallelujah.

I spent a lot of the year 2019 traversing the state up and down from Washington where my Mom lives to Grants Pass and back again with lots of time spent in Portland, Oregon working for a food delivery service that was paying the bills. It has taken a bit but here I am back in G.P. again asking, seeking, knocking! Except this time I feel that all the effort of 2019 that long year of asking, seeking, knocking and at times even feeling lost is about to pay off. God is definitely on the verge of doing something like transporting me to another country where my heart has been since I stepped back onto US soil.

I was hoping originally I would just get a taste of America and be right back in the field. Iím not sure where I went wrong but it didnít happen as quick as that. I went to work, tried to get married, tried to carve out a life after leaving it almost two years before to go to Harvest School. This was a difficult transition for me coming back because I had intended to leave and not come back. But that was then and now Iím suspposed to tell you about now, Asking, Seeking, Knocking.

There is an opportunity to which I am applying for coming in up in June of this year to go to Harvest School again. This time I would serve as staff rather then as I was last time as a student. I am praying into this and have my application almost fully completed online. Right now in the present moment 03/04/2020 at 5:20 pm to be exact I am right where Iím supposed to be in Grants Pass. There is work of the Spiritual warfare kind and lots of it here!

Just a few weeks ago as I went around the parks of the bustling little town of Grants Pass rapidly becoming a city I was asking the Lord what he wanted from me and how to pray as I went. The Lord had me anoint Riverside park the kids playground there. He didnít reveal why or what was going on. At the All Sports park later in the day he showed me how the witches there were not able to practice as openly as before and were practicing in a corner of the park trying to hide their curses and whatever dark magic it is they do. Glory be to God He has the Victory here on Earth when we listen and obey. Perhaps to some people walking around sensing and hearing from the Lord to anoint certain trees or points in a park might seem odd but I know it is effective in the Spirit.

A year ago a friend of mine saw the witches in the Spirit lined up on the walkway bridge in All Sports Park 12 of them. Just a two weeks prior to her seeing this I was asked by the Lord to anoint both ends of the bridge. After that it seemed upon visiting the park the witchcraft had reached an intense pitch of opposing sides. Jesus vs the forces of darkness enabled by the witchcraft. The Lord asked me to anoint the entire surrounding border of the park after that. This time being just a few weeks ago, I go and they are trying to hide their witchcraft in the park hiding in a corner subtly trying to take one area at a time because their full on onslaught was thwarted. Praise the Lord our God He is good! Iím learning as the Lord leads me through this process of defeating the forces of darkness. Lessons which He began in their earnest in South Africa. I have to admit this is fun stuff! So the warfare is real and our God is King, we sometimes have to remind the enemy here on Earth that He is King! Because there are witches and warlocks, godís which people worship of a completely different nature that try to deny that fact and effect the plans of the enemy in the very natural realm we all live in. However, Every Knee shall Bow, and Every Tongue confess that Jesus is King!

So here I sit in this coffee shop reflecting with you on what God has done and Asking, Seeking, Knocking to find out what He is about to do in my life. On my way through Portland on the way here to Grants Pass I ran into a friend some of you know her some of you do not, some of you have heard of her, her name is Joanna Humberd a very special and beautifully radiant Woman of God! She has been here in the states for a few years now after returning from her last mission trip to Europe then subsequently to Israel, the Lord is getting ready to launch her off once again, this time to Finlandia! Finland that is, the country of her ancestral heritage. Her Mother is from there. This is going to be a remarkable trip for her. I donít know what God has in store for her but I know He has been planning this event for her for a long time. I would ask as you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so could you reach into your pockets, bank accounts, hidden caches of silver and gold out in the hills to help send her! If you canít give donít feel led to give be free! Pray! Pray for her and with her as she is sent by the Lord our God almighty! This is going to be an amazing time of growth, healing and ministry as she goes into the darkness to gather the lost! Praise be unto the Lord our God! I told her I would ask you guys in my letter for prayer for her and cash. It is a wonderful thing to Love, gifts of gold to send somebody to do the will of the Lord help show that love! As you all have done for me personally throughout the years. Thank you!

I am including her paypal address you can send her cash through this., in order to send her cash through this method you would have to log into paypay and send it to her after locating her in paypal via this email address.

Another method would be to send it to me via my own paypal link.¤cy_code=USD&source=url Let me know its for her and I can send it to her directly. Thank you! God Bless you all!

Thank you all of you for all your prayers and all your giving even after all this time of being together with me on this journey! Hallelujah Jesus!
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